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What is Permaquaponic?

Aquaponics (= Aquaculture and Hydroponics) is becoming more popular in most European countries. The basic idea of Aquaponics is a water-recirculating food production system. Hereby, the products of the fish´s metabolism provide the nutrients for agricultural crops. Mostly it is talked about the Tilapia farming in combination with veggies, which requires some space. The plants, supported by nitrogen-fixating bacteria, filter out these for the fish in a higher concentration harmful waste products.

Nowadays, many large scale Aquaponic attempts and scientific research focus on the maximum outcome of such a system. The Permaquaponic Network does not primarily focus on the maximum outcome of crops and eating fish from such a system. Nature itself provides successful methods for developing productive eco-systems. The art to form an Aquaponic system is, to achieve a sustainable and as well adaptive state for it.

“The Permaquaponic Network`s goal is to provide help and further information to create ideas about nature and its resilience under certain conditions. PermAquaponics goal is to create individual systems that will adapt to local conditions all over Europe. Together, we want to achieve “win-win” situations and to gain an understanding for natural occurring processes. PermAquaponics intention is to share this “know-how” and to make it also available for everyone that is interested in this subject.”


Furthermore it has to be understood that the simultaneous (recirculating) fish and an agricultural crop production with “metabolic waste products of fish”, is not a modern invention. It was already used a long time ago by various cultures. Back those days, these people did just not have the opportunity to work with electrical pumps, concrete, fiberglass or with pond liner, if they wanted too. Their “Growbed” might just have been a man-made “island” in a river stream, but the understanding for natural processes and principles still remained the same. Theirs might have been even more resilient than nowadays…?! The PermAquaponic Network would like to present many of those productive systems, life-forms and natural-cycles to the “self-sufficient farmer” of today.
Generally, a balanced system does not necessarily mean to always have the same amount of some factors available. It is important to us that people learn to interpret the external circumstances, as well as the possibility to look ahead and thus to read in many natural systems. Observation and intuition help to find the variables of external conditions, which will have an impact on the system.
Practically, this means, that it is also possible to “run” your Aquaponic system on ornamental fish. If this is the case, you have to be even more aware what you are feeding the fish. It is not always practicable and necessary to yield 50 pounds (or more) of Tilapia in an IBC. The weather in Northern Europe does not allow having Tilapia all year around. The balcony of your flat might not be on the south-west side?! Maybe you just prefer some ornamental fish in the living room combined with a need setup for fresh herbs for cooking and your tea?! Maybe you will create good conditions to grow aquatic plants for trading or even selling? There are many creative options out there…!

The philosophy of PermAquaponics follows the three main principles of Permaculture:

Permanent-agriculture “Earth care; People care und Fair share”


and Aquaponics: Aqua- and Hydro- ponic culture.

PermAquaponics especially focuses on creating support for local communities. We stand for an exciting, self-innovative and eco-friendly- as well as for a fertile wholesome food production. PermAquaponics wants to establish a consciousness for healthy organic food, which relies on an understanding for complex natural cycles.
This can be possible with our support, as well as your steadily improving understanding for nature. With your own understanding for Nature, you will be able to contribute to the following precious skills:

  • To integrate your own arty creativity into natural eco-systems
  • Species appropriate fish keeping- and the effective growing of ornamental and agricultural plants
  • From a certain Aquaponic system size, you will be able to be self-sufficient by growing their own fruit, vegetables and animal protein source provided by the fish.

PermAquaponics goal for is to pick everyone up at her/his level of Aquaponic knowledge. We would like to offer a competent consulting service, which goal is to improve your own imagination. PermAquaponics approach is the encouragement for a holistic world picture. Our corporate feeling awakens through sharing food and responsibility! We want to mediate and to take our part in this responsibility as active participants. This all should happen with the joy of a happy community.




Andre Weller






Education: PG. Diploma in Wildlife Management (2010; University of Otago; NZ); Permakultur Design Course (72h; 2011; Kassel; Germany); Basic studies Educational science (2003; University of Hamburg; Germany); Intermediate Diploma Biologie (2004-2007; Universität Hamburg)


Temporary concluded projects: Wildlife Biologist/Habitat Analysis Fish-otters (Austria 2011/2012); Wildlife Biologist- Seabird-colony Land Rehabilitation (New Zealand; 2011); Wildlife Intern “Captive Breeding” and “Monitoring” of Marsupials (Australia 2008/2009)


Running Projects: Since May 2011: Planning and Building of various Aquaponic-Systems (Germany; Slovakia; Austria) ->link Workshops


Since July 2012: Planting-, growing- and Marketing Consulting for Aquatic plants - Biological Consulting for Ornamental fish wholesalers (Slovakia; Austria)





(Danio rerio)


(Ctenopoma acutirostre)


Half-banded spiny eel

(Macrognathus circumcinctus)


(Carassius sp.)



(Tetraodon biocellatus)

…further Co-Workers:


(Mentha aquatica)


(Melissa officinalis)


(Anethum graveolens)

Basil spec.

(Ocimum spec.)


(Calendula officinalis)



One might say that the term “social business”, should not be exclusively defined by any government, or even by the business-owner himself. The Permaquaponic project perspective is a “natural occurring” ethics in anyone, who is using this “term”. If we show certain carelessness on how a certain term is used in an inappropriate way, we all will face a loss in its power. The most recent example is the Bio-Label- “and what is really behind it”- discussion…!

The top priority for PermAquaponic is Teamwork! How well does the Work-shop suit the participators, workers, volunteers, Bloggers personal perception of its theme? How do I represent PermAquaponics to its environment, so that it will function as a “key”, for a “social business”? This must basically involve the ideas of even handedness and fair treatment of all participating live-forms, as well as the care for resources.
The basic idea of Permaquaponic is the understanding for natural eco-systems. This must include the quality of the Aquaponic system and the food produced within it. There can be some interesting and fun research done with a small Aquaponic system. Food production starts from a “nice side-effect“ and can reach up to commercial size system. Species-appropriate fishkeeping has to be considered in every system and it should be possibility for the fruit and veggies to fully ripe on the mother-plant. Further it is necessary not to use any gen-manipulated crops, artificial-fertilizers, and pesticides.

The word “organic food” has to regain its natural importance. The live-forms that “give themselves away” to become our vital wholefood products have to be more honored and respected.
One more basic idea of PermAquaponic is the optimal circulation of any resources. This can be in the form of using recycled material for building Aquaponic systems, like bathtubs, IBC`s; old fish tanks, grow tables; The integration of a worm-compost; an extensive mixed cultivation; and many other forms of multiple resource use. PermAquaponics approach is to have a minor impact on the natural environment. PermAquaponics systems are supposed to distinguish themselves with flexibility and the possibility to adapt to external occurring circumstances.
“Your vision should have no bounds at this stage!”

In the end PermAquaponic wants to support the sustainable local food production. The goal is to be an active- as well as a supportive part of society. Its focus is on being an active part of society. There is a need for community projects. This will include fresh food and not on any large financial benefits. On the other hand it is possible, that from a certain system size the investment costs for the workshop host will amortize relatively quickly. This can be achieved by processing, trading or selling the “over”-produced individuals of a species in your system.


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